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When you decide you are going to bond a defendant out of jail using a bail bond company:


You generally sign two contracts.


By signing for a defendant you guarantee to the bail bond company you will have the defendant appear at each court appearance.


Most cases require several court appearance before the case is resolved and you will be responsible for all court appearances.


If at any time you are not sure of a court date, you are urged to call us or contact the clerk of the court to verify this information to avoid a "failure to appear" notice.


Should the defendant fail to appear in court, you will need to get the defendant back to court ASAP or risk paying back the entire bond amount (total liability) to the bail bond company.


The two contracts you will sign are an Indemnity Agreement and Promissory Note.


Indemnity Agreement:

You will assure the bail bond company that you will hold us harmless against any loss/cost on this bond if the defendant fails to appear. Usually there is no cost to get the defendant back to court as long as the defendant is willing to get back to court immediately.


Promissory Note:

You promise to pay back the total sum of the bond within a certain time frame if the defendant fails to appear (skips bond) and refuses to go back to court.

What happens after a bail bond is posted?

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