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Learn more about the various types of bonds available to you and your loved one. Please keep in mind that when you choose to bond a defendant out of jail with the assistance of a bonding company, you guarantee to that company that you will have the defendant appear at each court appearance.


Most cases require several court appearances and it is the responsibility of the defendant/indemnitor to verify dates and appearance. Should the defendant fail to appear, you will need to get him/her back to court or risk paying back the total liability.

Let us help determine which type of bond fits your needs

Transfer Bonds:

In the event that your loved one is located in another township, Lidia Aulen Bail Bonds will arrange for your bond to be posted wherever they are incarcerated. This service is available across the continental United States, for an additional fee.


Paperwork will be completed in our Fort Myers office, and the bond will be posted by an affiliate located in their district. Defendants will still be released in a timely manner.

Trust the team with over 25 years of bonding experience: 239-332-BOND

Collateral Bonds:

If collateral is required to post your bond, Lidia Aulen Bail Bonds will hold an item of value to offset loss incurred if the defendant fails to appear. If the defendant does appear and the case is resolved, the item will be returned to you in the same condition we received it.

Signature Bonds:

If you qualify to post a bond for your loved one without pledging additional collateral to secure it, this bond will only require your signature on a contract stating that you will repay the bonding company if the defendant fails to appear. In the event that this occurs, you will pay Lidia Aulen Bail Bonds back the total amount lost.


The two contracts you will sign to secure your Signature Bond include the Indemnity Agreement and the Promissory Note. The Indemnity Agreement assures the bondsman that you will not hold Lidia Aulen Bail Bonds responsible for any loss/cost on your bond if the defendant fails to appear. The Promissory Note states that you agree to pay back the total sum of the bond within a certain time frame if the defendant skips bond.