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When you cannot afford the total amount of a bond, or you choose not to pledge the full amount up front, you may decide to hire a bail bondsman. Remember that if a bond is set at $5000 you could post 10% with a bondsman instead of paying all of the $5000 (cash bond*). What a bail bond company will do is pay the bond to the jail to secure the release. For our fee we offer extensive experience of the court and jail systems. We can make this very difficult situation quite painless for you and your family.

Find assistance with posting bail from an experienced team: 239-332-BOND


*Please note when posting a cash bond unless the defendant is found not-guilty you will only be refunded that amount minus fines, court costs, etc., which often times could be the full amount of the bond. If you post cash collateral with a bonding company you will be refunded the full bond amount regardless of the outcome. In some cases you will also earn interest.


If at any time you are not sure of a court date, you are urged to call us or contact the clerk of the court to verify this information to avoid a "failure to appear" notice.

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